4.29.14 Sugar and spice? Snips and snails? What is he made of?


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Jack has been with us for about 6 months. In that time his hormones have stabilized (!) and he has been introduced to family, friends and The Emperor. He does not like them much but is getting better at tolerating them. The Emperor is actually the boss, Jack is not allowed upstairs into the Kitty Kingdom!

Jack is estimated to be 4 years old and came from a rescue who got him from a local Animal Control shelter with a bad reputation.  He was altered only a few days before I adopted him. At first he seemed friendly and happy to be out of the shelter. He actually met strangers including children calmly. Then one night….you know it’s coming…Mr. Lady walked him in the dark and Jack was frightened by the loud sounds of a neighbor rolling a huge trash can down his driveway. This insensitive and intoxicated human pursued Jack in order to meet and touch him and was bitten on the finger for his stupidity. Ever since that night Jack has been anxious about people other than myself and Mr. Lady. Then came Christmas and the family visits. That was stressful. Since then he has calmed down some. He sleeps and eats well, has no medical problems. He no longer barks at other walkers or bicyclists unless they make sudden movements. Cars drive right on by without incident. Trucks are fair game but I suppose we can forgive that.  Other dogs are not usually greeted in a friendly way when he is leashed although he might be different off leash I guess. He is protective of the house and door and is alerted by the doorbell. If you come in the back door like a friend and ignore him for a while you will usually be accepted if you are calm. Just keep your hands up and talk to him! He does have a habit of barking when people including Mr. Lady get up to leave a room that I happen to be in. He is guarding and protecting me I guess? Or maybe I am the boss and he is the backup? Mr. Lady never asks my permission…

I wish I knew his heritage. He appears to be a combination of spaniel and chihuahua to me. Maybe a little dachshund? Maybe some sheltie? What do you think? What is he made of? And would he like a friend? Maybe a calm lady? Like me and Mr. Lady? Me being calm and Mr. Lady being Jack in this scenario.  Hehe.

6 comments on “4.29.14 Sugar and spice? Snips and snails? What is he made of?

  1. theresa says:

    You might try leaving snacks by the door for people to grab and offer up to Jack when they enter and maybe stage a few meet and greets on his nightly/daily walks of people with treats. The combo of food and friendliness is a power combination for a dog that is fear aggressive. No one knows what has happened to him in his life. He sure is uber cute. I’m guessing a little doxie in there, maybe spaniel and terrier. You can send his DNA off and for about $60.00 they will tell you.
    And if he is happier not being part of busy parties and kids running and people by the droves, accept it and give him a safe haven for those times, be it his crate, a room to himself etc.

    • Good advice. He is very treat motivated and is confused by people who fear him if that makes sense. I am slowly getting him used to a crate. He never did like it but if I give him enough treats he will sit in it. Thanks Theresa!

  2. Bonaircat says:

    What a cute fellow! My Sanford is a powerful mix of Dachshund, Jack Russell, Pomeranian and Chihuahua – he is protective of me and his other minions (e.g., Chris and Tom) and does not tolerate much coming between him and who he is on duty to protect, but he is a joy and a sweetheart and it sounds like Jack is too :)

  3. raysofsun953 says:

    : ) thanks for the info, next time I visit I will be sure to not freak out about how adorable he is!

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