4.17.14 Back and recovering

I know it sounds insensitive but hear me out.  Every time I visit Mom I have to take a few days to recover and always wish I had taken Mr. Lady. This trip was no exception. My mother (who does NOT have access to the internet) and I have never really been able to get along since I had the power to deduce that she was different from other moms. That was at about age 10. Now that she has early ALZ dementia in addition to personality disorder she is most difficult. Paranoia has taken over.  Anger and mistrust is ever-present to family and trust is misplaced in those who should not receive it. She has lost quite a bit of money to psychics and scammers who call and request donations, offer readings or tell her she has won a prize but must pay an ever increasing amount of “insurance” or “tax”. As a family, we are trying to work out the best solution to her late life years and have hired a care manager with whom I met last week. She seems very professional and competent (LCSW with many years experience and positive attitude) but she is not entirely up to speed on the situation yet. And this week she is on vacation. Mom is quite angry with all of this intervention. Ah well, things can only get better lets hope.

On to better subjects. Charlemagne the Emperor is doing well. He had a visit to the vet for routine care and pedicure the other day. While there he goes by the name of Charlie. He travels in a pink and mint green 1990s colors carrier that once belonged to Sylvia Charlotte our tuxedo sweetie. Charles does not like this but seems to have recovered. I use the “scruff and flip” method to disorient him into the carrier. He is confused by this and his new claw length but better them than me for trimming them! He has a whole couch in the loom room on which to lounge and nap. He does not mind the labrador either. By the way, sorry for the blurry photo quality. Some are taken with iPhone because my camera is temporarily battery-less.



Since back home I have been taking stock of projects. The loom is threaded and all that is left is the tie-up. Not difficult but I have to stick with it to the end unless I want to get confused and lost with all the texsolv. Maybe I will do that today.


On the knitting front the Forest Darkness Bohus is progressing as is the Apple Cider Donut

I have had a birthday and have ordered myself some items that most girls need for public appearance. I have discovered that none of my shirts fit and my back, shoulders and neck hurt still, a year after major neck surgery! What does that have to do with birthdays? It is just that I have been wearing the most wrong sized bra imaginable and decided to buy myself some new ones that fit. So I took a risk and ordered from an online shop that has bra fitting algorithms. I am so happy with this I have to share. I think I clicked on a Facebook link for True and Co. I cannot believe how easy it was to shop for bras and be happy doing it. To begin, I completed a simple questionnaire and received recommendations. Then I placed an order for the selections that I chose to try.  Two extra bras to try (in my case in different sizes) were included in the shipment. The selections are then sent FREE to try on. After receiving my Personal Box of Beautiful (hehe), trying on and deciding to keep or return, I filled out an online feedback questionnaire for each bra and sent the returns back within 5 days FREE. Just pay for what you keep. You must complete the feedback questionnaire or face a $20 penalty. Ta-da. Three new bras painlessly. That fit. That are reasonably priced. Don’t be discouraged by the cute young models and fancy styles. I just turned, er, 57 and am completely satisfied with this. And I didn’t have to go to a store that would not have had my size anyway. I am not large busted but would never in a million years known that I wore a size 34E. What the heck?? Is that even a size???  I believe most of the bras are from the UK but True and Co. are now manufacturing their own line as well. My back feels better already.



Next up, my clog obsession resurfaces.

5 comments on “4.17.14 Back and recovering

  1. Issy says:

    Wow. A really long post! It’s been a while. We missed you on Tuesday. I am going NOW to the bra link………………….

  2. Rachel says:

    So much to comment on! I too hear good things about the caretaker, and I loved the picture of Granny napping in the last post : )

    What an incredible picture of Charlemagne, it’s nice to see him relaxed and out in the open!

    I am going straight to that bra website as soon as I get paid at the end of the month. It sounds perfect. I get so frustrated, I just get my bras from Target, and they never fit, but at least their cheap… of course I have to replace them all the time, but I like that $12.99 tag! I can’t wait for my own personal box of beautiful hahaha.

  3. Cally says:

    The size of the sofa reflects the Importance of the Cat. Obviously.

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