4.10.14 Featherweight History

I am visiting my mom who still lives in the house where we lived from when I was 5 years old. It is sad to see how old she is and how small and dated the house is. But she won’t leave it. She is 85 and still drives and works 4 mornings a week. But she is failing in mind and body. Mostly mind. She says she never naps.


She received a gift from my father when I was born of flowers and a featherweight sewing machine. He told her that now that she had a baby girl she could make little dresses for me. She never did sew much but my granny did when she visited . And I learned to sew on this machine. Happy birthday!



3 comments on “4.10.14 Featherweight History

  1. Issy says:

    Oh Boy!! Now we are twins!

    • Bonaircat says:

      I was lucky enough to find a featherweight in perfect condition 3 or 4 years ago. It doesn’t have as distinguished a provenance as yours, but it’s still cool to have one!

      Happy Birthday, Alice!

      Love, Cathy

      🐾 from Cat’s iPad =^,^= 🐾


  2. Thank you guys! For some reason I could not reply to comments on my iPhone when I was out of town. The machine is so reliable, just a little oil and she was up and running to do some mending.

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