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I wish I had a better photo but the iPhone will have to do.  I will have to recommend the kit from Halcyon Yarn.  Everything included and it is a beautiful towel. Large too! After 2 runs through hot wash and dry it is 28″ x 64″. Big enough for a pool or beach towel.  I am in the process of warping one in another color.  I might be tempted to put on a long warp for several. Easy plain weave alternating 5/2 cotton and bulky cotton chenille.

I have done lots of knitting in my 2 months since surgery finishing some old projects and starting many. Many. Including one yesterday when the perfect storm of pattern, yarn and heavy weather came together to result in a new project.

Here are a bunch of photos. Windward, Karabella Yoke Cardigan and Rowan Denim Lauren cardigan. The Karabella sweater is knit of Aurora 8 and my friend Issy did the finishing because I could not get the yoke piece to fit the body.  If you knit this pattern, do yourself a favor and knit the yoke on. Use the yarn, it is soft and gorgeous.




My neck is fusing according to the xrays taken at the end of May.  I have weaned out of the rigid collar and am using a soft collar for the next 2 months til I can wean out of that one. Fun! I have driven exactly 4 times since the beginning of March, twice to the drug store, once to shop a little (prompt retreat home) and one to check out the summer shoes at DSW. No shoes but I will treat you to my new neck bling profile! I still get some neck spasms but considering what I was dealing with before this is nothing.


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  1. Christina says:

    Alice, it was so nice to see you last night. Glad you are able to get out and about.

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