3.19.13 Two Weeks have passed since Dr. Who answered my call…





To my SIL Pamela, I am so sorry you too have to have cervical fusion surgery but it is doable.  I am so glad you can have 1/2 the surgery.  I don’t even feel the incision in the front.  I did have a little sore throat but it went in about 3 days. Just think we can have matchy scars! The posterior work was a bitch, I won’t lie.
As for me, I am doing OK.  Had a wee setback with some sort of Norman Bates-ish knife stab pain in my left shoulder that they think is from some internal swelling in the posterior neck site. I am almost done with a Medrol dose pack, the pain almost gone.  I go tomorrow for my first post op visit to see the surgeon and get fitted with my “external bone growth stimulator”.  I have already heard all the jokes.  Other than than I am doing really well.  Better than I expected at 2 weeks.  The only thing is energy, not back to what I had but I will take it.  My pain in my arm, leg, shoulder and hip are gone.  Better than expected. Glad I had the surgery and glad there are narcotics.
The absolute worst thing about recovery is twofold: 1. the fact that I cannot bend over or reach above my head. The neck collar impedes that somewhat but still I am not supposed to do it.  I keep forgetting. And I can’t walk Suzie. Or clean out the cat box…hee hee. I suppose I could sit on a chair and scoop poops but whatever. Not gonna do it. And 2. the need for er, um, miralax. Do NOT go without such a thing if you want to live through the days on narcotics.  I tried.  Stupid.
Sleeping is possible in the recliner and in bed with enough of an incline provided by a wedge pillow on bottom (get one at Bed Bath and Beyond), a euro square pillow on that and then some bed pillows as needed.  Also put long pillows beside you and you wont roll around as much as I am a dedicated left side sleeper this has been a little problem for me.  My asleep self is fighting it.
Mr Lady has been an angel.  Yes, I said that.  And Pamela, you will need help with food and drink and handing out those pills and keeping track of when you last took those pills….at least for a few days. Maybe I should send Mr Lady?  He does know what is needed. Who knew he had mad nurse skillz?
And, to top it all off, his robotics team FINALLY won the USFIRST regional robotics tournament last Saturday.  They are going to St Louis to compete in nationals in late April. They do need sponsor money but I think USFIRST/Nasa will pay if they don’t have enough.  Some one of the resourseful kids strapped a teeny camera on the front to go all ESPN on them.  I’ll take a nerd any day.
Oh one other thing…I want my damn Peyton Manning autograph.  We had the same surgery why can’t someone get me one?  I know he had more surgeries but still we are kin.


9 comments on “3.19.13 Two Weeks have passed since Dr. Who answered my call…

  1. Cally says:

    Never ever overlook a reason not to deal with cat poo. It can make everything else worthwhile!

  2. Issy says:

    Oh and ginger bread is a must for your recovery–tell Pamela that!

  3. Christina says:

    I’m glad you are feeling better.

  4. Barbara says:

    I am so glad the surgery has eased your pain. Hope the recovery continues to go well. Rest and enjoy being taken care of by Mr. Lady!

  5. theresa says:

    Well, welcome back to the world of the living! So good to hear from you and kudos to Mr. Lady. I call Mr. Runamuck “Jeeves” when I am laid up. He gave me a little bell once. It disappeared…I wonder why? Anyway, so good to read you’re on the mend and I think Peyton should send you an autograph! I boo hooing because he’ll get to work with Wes Welker and Tom won’t anymore! :)

  6. At least you have sweet sheepies keeping you company. So glad the pain is being manageable and that you are healing.

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