Hello all.  I have been fitted for my neck support device and gotten the pre-op haircut.  I think they will clip the back of my neck even further.  Here is the debut of the neck collar.  Apparently, I will wake wearing this necklace and be utterly happy about it. Not.


I have to tell you about some really great friends that are here supporting me.  I have spoken about going to knit night on Tuesday nights.  We call it TNK for Tuesday Night Knitting.  “Membership” is loose and changing but there are quite a few regulars.  I am irregular regular and they must understand that because they welcome my attendance and contribution whenever I manage to get there.  We laugh a lot and share good and bad.  There has been a lot of bad in this past year believe you me.

For some reason during my life I have never really been a joiner.  Even though I was in a service club in high school (Treasurer, money stolen from my locker) and a sorority in college (craziness beyond the pale).  I usually don’t last long in informal or formal group attendance. I hated playground recess from an early age as it was wild and unstructured. The teachers stood in the shade and smoked.  I didn’t climb on the jungle gym because there were territorial little horrors that took that structure over.  I didn’t run around the blacktop because there were impromptu dodgeball thugs.  I did jump rope if I could manage to grab it when the teacher pulled it out of the toy box. Mostly I played jump the drainage ditch near the mulberry bushes with my friends Julie, Harriett and Lorenza and sometimes Fifi.  We made up stories and games and ate mulberries and honeysuckle. Oh and there were 2 sets of twins in my class named Sharon and Karen.  The Sharons were nice and the Karens were mean.  Weird. My old elementary school was converted into the alternative high school then into a hospice, one of the first in the nation.  I wonder what that means.

I digress. Anyway, my TNK friends went together and got me the greatest pre-op gift ever given in advance of my incarceration and euthanasia as we joke about it.   A beautiful tote bag in Dala horse fabric (love them!) by Issy who makes gorgeous bags for knitting.  A fantastic book prop pillow. A more than generous gift certificate for books from a retailer of online digital media for my digital reading device. I just have to show you some pictures. I am so grateful! Several of the members have offered their service in awesome and unusual ways: loan me various DVDs from “Northern Exposure” to “Game of Thrones”, teach me spanish, provide algebra equation games for my brain, assist me with tapping the PayPal button on my phone, take a professional portrait of me while in recovery, drive me hither and yon and cook for me.






I am still spinning some “humbug” jacob fiber that happens to coordinate with the Forest Darkness cardigan which continues to grow.  What the heck is humbug fiber?




Now, I also bought this antique bowl thing with a drain hole in the center and a little handle above the hole.  It is about 10 inches across and 3 inches deep.  I don’t know what it is!  Anyone know?



6 comments on “2.21.13

  1. Cheryl says:

    I’m not sure what surgery you’re having but I’m wishing you all the best for a speedy recovery.

    I understand your feelings about the playground when we were kids. I’m a reluctant joiner too. I always joke that I have commitment issues…except for my family. But, I do go hang out with a knitting group fairly often. Sounds like you knit with a wonderful group of ladies. What wonderful gifts they’ve given you and offers of help while you recover. That bag is great! And, that pillow is too.

    I sure like the colors in that roving/yarn you’re spinning. Very pretty.

    I love transferware but I’ve never seen anything like that. It’s very interesting. I’ll be curious to hear what it is if you find out. Keep us posted.

    Take care.

  2. rivercityweaves says:

    Yay for surgery that leaves you more comfortable and more functional and happier afterward! Your beautiful blog and work inspire me. Sad that I NEVER see you any more. C.

  3. warpology says:

    Had this surgery in 99′ and in 2000. The surgery pain was minor in comparison to the pain I was in before surgery. Hope your surgery goes well!

  4. theresa says:

    What wonderful thoughtful gifts! Love that book pillow. Pretty neat. As to the pretty blue and white something…no clue here but I’ll be checking in to see if someone else knows! Good luck,
    that brace looks pretty darn serious in itself.

  5. Robin says:

    Gotta love the TNKers!! A great group of gals! That book pillow is very cool. Love Issy’s bag, too. Best of luck to you and a speedy recovery!

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