4.10.11 Ewenice is here!

Life has intervened here at Chez Lady. I have abandoned my search temporarily for a new-to-me loom with more harnesses and better ergonomics. There have been some extended -family medical issues (not talking about this here) and some personal back aching due to ill-advised furniture pushing (again) but fortunately also some knitting and weaving. I also hang out more often at Ravelry or Facebook so it seems my words and viewing time are spread thin.

Weaving? Yes dammit. The rayon chenille scarves are finished, thank God. I am no longer craving to work with chenille. Other people can have it. One scarf is human sized and one turned out bookcase sized. There were supposed to be two long scarves but the warp went to crap at the end due to (I think) the shafts on the Harrisville going further and further out of whack. It seems that the purple cords suspending and lifting the shafts stretched ever so slightly and uniformly so as to put them out of level and that along with the tension issues at the back caused the left edge to become longer than the right. It got worse and worse despite efforts to even it with weights and padding around each beam. Anyway I cut is off early and the result is not too bad, just not what I planned.

The scarf for a human, with fringe…

Swedish art glass on chenille....

2 days ago I wound a warp of 8/2 unmercerized cotton for some towels. I love towels. I love to use handwoven towels. I love to weave towels. What an economical use of time and materials. With only about 450 threads at 20 epi you can get the loom dressed rather quickly. The threading and the weaving is not usually too difficult. The latest effort is in 8/2 unmercerized cotton, threaded in a bird’s eye twill. The draft “Linked Birdseye” from the Interweave pdf download Winning Towels.
I had a little trauma when I realized I had not wound the correct number of repeats in one of the blue stripe sections but I figured it out when it did not fit in the raddle spaces I marked off for its width. I corrected it after about the 3rd try. Adding warp ends into the middle of the warp is a BITE.

Sock knitting: a welty sock that Mr. Lady thinks is dumb, made from a Crazy Zauberball. “Why would you make socks that want to fall down??” he says. It has knitted welts. (Scroll down to see some welts)

Now for the final shot: meet Ewenice. She loves it here!


5 comments on “4.10.11 Ewenice is here!

  1. theresa says:

    Well both your scarves are wonderful and even though one came out a little short it seems to have found it’s perfect purpose in life! Cute socks and that’s one handsome pup watching you take pics of your foot! What do you think he/she is thinking? Ewenice is fantastic. So, tell me, did said pup decide it required a bark or two first off? I have a little curled up fox out in the yard. The first time the cat stumbled on him, he went up in the air about 5 feet and came down with every hair standing up. Too funny. I want Ewenice. If I lived in your neighborhood, no doubt you would have to chain her to tree for safety! :)

    • ladyoftheloom says:

      Funny cat! After I placed Ewenice in her new home Mr. Lady took Suzie the Fiberdog for a walk after dinner. I heard the growling, charging and such from inside the house. She *did not* like her one bit! We think that she thought that Ewenice was a possum or raccoon. When there was no prey reaction Suzie just gave Ewenice a furtive backward glance just to be sure and went on about her walk. I wish I had seen it! Mr. Lady tried to recreate the scene but it was not to be repeated. Suzie had realized it was not going to attack or run. Suzie has herding instincts and dislikes it when the family are outside in the yard without her watchful eye but this was over the top. She does go from window to window, whining and wishing us back into the fold.

  2. textillian says:

    Your scarves are great, but I am with you on the chenille. I wove three scarves with rayon chenille, and figured out that it just wasn’t for me. And with that I divested myself of all the mill end chenille that I had.

    Love Ewenice!

  3. For the cables, I had tried using the nylon cord replacement at first also but found it slipped around. I put a tutorial of sorts on Ravelry on the cable I ended up using to replace the cables. If you want to see it, do a search for DIY leather shaft cable replacement – Harrisville in the Warped Weavers group. Or let me know if you can’t find it and I’ll send you the link.

    • ladyoftheloom says:

      Thanks Restless Jill! I found the tutorial and it is excellent! THanks for posting it to Ravelry and also for leaving the comment here. THe materials should be very easy to find around here, land-o’-bass fishing that it is in the summer.

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