1.17.11 Hawk vs. Squirrel

3 comments on “1.17.11 Hawk vs. Squirrel

  1. Issy says:

    I like a guy that can clean his plate!

  2. Linda Martin says:

    The hawks in my hard swoop down and take the squirrels to my neighbor’s yard to eat ’em… I’m glad ’cause that means no leftovers for my dogs!!! :-)

    • ladyoftheloom says:

      eww yes. Actually the last photo of the tail fur has a bit of something else in it that I didn’t see when I took it. The crows came back and took care of the leftovers today. There is a family of 5 crows in my vicinity that told me the hawk was nearby yesterday, I think they follow him.

      Once I saw a peregrine falcon take a dove on the wing in my front yard while I stood in my driveway.

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