2.8.10 Nice weather we’re having…

Yep, weaving is on the blog. Don’t faint. It’s not much but it is at least something.

The 50 ends of yellow shetland warp has been on the Harrisville Rescue for a couple of months, since before my latest back issues which, by the way, are much relieved by the epidural cortisone injection. (Now if they could only inject the rest of me with cortisone!)

IMG_2616.JPG I cut off the ridiculous sample and resleyed to make something with skipped dents: 10 epi for 8 ends and skip 5 dents, repeat. Then added little extra yarn in some of the heddles and dents for a sprinkling of color weighting it off the back of the loom like a supplementary warp. Use a lease stick for a spacer because it was just lying there on the floor doing nothing.
IMG_2628.JPGWeave until the warp runs out and tie the ends in groups. Just off the loom it measured 6″ x 54″.
Wet finish by tossing into the washer with some warm water, a handy nightgown and a squirt of Ivory Liquid. Two minutes of agitation and I got fuzzy fulling so I took it out and hung it up to dry.
So now we have a new cheery scarf in a buttery (thanks Maureen) yellow with a little blue accent stripe to add to the gift box.IMG_2630.JPG After wet finishing it measures 5″x49″.

6 comments on “2.8.10 Nice weather we’re having…

  1. Margreet says:

    Alice, the scarf turned out very nice indeed! Glad to hear your back is a bit better.

  2. babyface says:

    I don’t weave but I always appreciate what you have
    created. Your home looks absolutely charming. I am
    glad your back is better.

  3. I am so happy the injections worked for you. They didn’t do much good for me at all but I think there are other issues involved. See the back doctor again this week.

    I love your scarf!!!! So light and airy.

  4. Lawyer K says:

    I love the pictures of the snow and the dangerous-ness of it all. How do two UVA grads come to find themselves displaying a Hokie flag on their house?

  5. Sylvie says:

    I just love the yellow scarf, I would love to learn how to do that!

  6. Cathie Jones says:

    The scarf is very pretty — but I’m more interested in the dog! I have a 7-year-old puppy mill dog who was sold as a Pekingese, but obviously is not. He looks like your dog, down to one biscuit-colored leg!

    Can you tell me something about your dog? Is it a Tibetan Spaniel?

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