2.1.10 More snow and a little warp.

Yes, more snow is in the forecast. We woke up to 17 degrees today and now it is 45 degrees, warm enough for just a sweater!
Here are a couple more pictures of the conditions here in Richmond, VA.
This one was taken from my upstairs window during the last of the storm on Saturday evening. I love the shadows!

Check out the dangerous icicle forming below the stairs that lead to the room over the garage. This is not good for the siding or the stairway! But I think Sue likes icicles as do I. The 12 noon newscast actually warned us about icicles today.

I wish I had taken my camera with me on my 30 minute drive from our house SW of Richmond into the city where my daughter lives in an apartment near VCU. The snow removal here is not good. Richmond is a southern city, with very little budget or equipment for snow removal. What they do have is used to push the snow into iceberg sized mounds.

I actually wound a warp for a scarf yesterday. From stash yarn. I am hoping to get back to weaving in some form after my back injection tomorrow. I am keeping my fingers crossed! Thanks for reading and commenting!

7 comments on “2.1.10 More snow and a little warp.

  1. Pretty photos but am so happy we didn’t get any of the snow or ice in Pa.

  2. Cally says:

    What a fantastic icicle! I think that would be a prizewinner in an icicle competition. They are stunning, aren’t they, but I admit I do get nervous when they are overhead… It doesn’t happen so much here but I remember them overhanging the pavements, or rather the sidewalks, when we lived in NJ.

  3. Rachel says:

    Love the pictures. Story is the same here in Asheville- mountains of snow all along the sides of the road, which melt during the day, getting water all over the roads, then freeze over again when the temperatures drop back down! I hope all the Coppas are safe and warm!

  4. babyface says:

    It may be cold and horrible outside, but the pictures
    of the trees are beautiful. That’s one mean looking
    icicle. It’s cold here too and very gloomy. Need a
    bit of sunshine even if it’s cold.

  5. Robin says:

    That’s one impressive icicle!

  6. me says:

    love the photos–a neighbor of mine got up Valentine’s morning and took a bunch of icicles off his roof and arranged them in a bucket outside so that when his wife woke up, she had an icicle bouquet outside her bedroom window, with the sun streaming through lighting them up. Paging Andy Goldsworthy…. Dag.

  7. I see that this post somehow slipped by me earlier.

    But I love that icicle!!! (Of course….even this late in winter I still love icicles!)

    I’m very impressed with the icicle bouquet that the previous commenter mentioned. I wonder if I could get one for my birthday!! Now, how to plant that idea in my husband’s head?

    Hope spring is on its way to you soon!


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