8.5.09 Touch and Sew

Look what the Lady dragged in. A vintage Singer Touch and Sew with moderne cabinet circa 1965. For $35 cash. A Golden Touch and Sew at that. All metal innards. A two pronged plug without grounding. All of the fancy cams that will supposedly sew decorative stitches like zig zag and buttonholes. Why might you ask? Why not. The opportunity arose. It is in seemingly perfect working order, just had a check up about 2 years ago and has it’s owner’s manual. And it has all its feet. And you wind the bobbin in place so as not to interrupt your sewing. (We will see how that really works won’t we? I have some doubts and only one bobbin.)



I have been ripping fabric into strips for a rag rug and decided that I wanted to sew the strips together. Did I already have a sewing machine? Yes. Do I need to sew the strips together to make the rug? Apparently not. Could I not just use my old faithful Viking Husqvarna for the sewing? Yes and No. It might want to do another project.


1965? That was 44 years ago. Not that long considering. It was THE thing in sewing machines. All those stitches. All that technology. And it works. Well, maybe I will get back to weaving off that seine twine warp I put on the loom for this rug a few MONTHS ago.

And I have been knitting a little. An Entrelac Scarf from my navajo plyed Rovings polwarth that I finished spinning a while ago.
THe colors run from pinks to purples to blues to teal to peachy pink.

3 comments on “8.5.09 Touch and Sew

  1. I love your take on the entrelac sweater! It looks gorgeous so far!!


  2. bety says:

    The sewing machine is gorgeous, it looks just like the machine my mom used in the early 70’s. I was born in 1965 and she always said that was the reason she had save so much to buy one. She made all our clothes on it for many years. Enjoy your new purchase I’m sure you’ll love using it. Seeing that sewing machine brought back alot of memories for me. Thanks.

  3. Rachel says:

    that sewing machine looks kinda like mine… although I can’t be sure, because I haven’t looked at it in a couple of years! I’m still collecting favorite t-shirts of mine, and blankets and such, in case I ever make a quilt. if I ever do, you’ll probably be hearing from me : ) hope everyone’s doing well!

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